Only a hundred years ago, the Ural owl inhabited the woods of Austria. In mid 20th century, the species´ trail went cold and disappeared – since then it is considered to be extinct.

In the 19th and 20th century some Ural owls from Slovenia and possibly from Bohemia sporadically colonized and bred in Austrian woods:



1661                                       Salzburg
1851 – 1863                            in the area of “Almtal” (Upper Austria)
1884 – 1889                            surrounding area of “Plöckenpass” (Carinthia, near the border      to Italy)
1885                                        near Klagenfurt (Carinthia)
1928                                        East Tyrol
until 1950                                in Styria as well as in “Rosaliengebirge” and “Mostviertel”
                                                (Lower Austria)

After that Ural owls were to be detected only infrequently in Austria.